What is Shogi?

shogi board

The captivating "Game of Generals," is an ancient Japanese chess variant that breathes life into the battlefield of a 9x9 board. As the sun casts its golden rays, two players lock horns, commanding an army of warriors ready to seize glory or succumb to defeat. In this enthralling contest, cunning strategy and lightning-fast calculations intertwine as players employ intricate maneuvers, deceptive traps, and a symphony of sacrifices to outwit their opponent. Each piece embodies the spirit of a legendary warrior, from noble generals to formidable foot soldiers, vying for supremacy in a game where every move echoes with history and whispers tales of unfathomable skill. Shogi's enigmatic beauty lies in its ability to blend timeless traditions with an endless realm of possibilities, captivating both masters of strategy and those venturing into its mystic realm for the first time.

What are the rules?

We highly recommend checking out Lishogi's Interactive Intro to Shogi as a great way to learn the basic rules, but if you'd prefer a written guide, we have compiled all the core rules into a simple PDF you can download here.

A popular variant we've been promoting known as "Goro Goro Shogi" has all of the same rules as traditional shogi, but uses a smaller board and fewer pieces (and all the pieces have cute animals on them!). Our guide to Goro Goro Shogi can be downloaded here and you can find printouts on the play page.