Welcome to Phoenix Shogi

Meet Up With Us!

shogi meetup at the Japanese Friendship Garden

We're meeting every Sunday from 10am to 1pm at Let's Meet Up! We're taking a break from our previous meetings at the Friendship Garden for the summer, but may be having workshops and events there once the weather cools down again.

Join our Discord Server to chat and play games with us online! You can also fill out this form to join our mailing list and receive regular updates regarding meetups. Check the News page for info on upcoming events.

Looking for another US club? Check out shogiusa.com

Come Learn

Shogi piece promotion

Discover the ancient art of Shogi, a game that has enthralled strategists for centuries. Whether you're a seasoned player seeking new challenges or a curious beginner eager to learn, our club offers a vibrant community dedicated to the pursuit of Shogi mastery.